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We help FMCG companies tap into the right markets with the right strategies.

Our experts accompany you in defining your sales and purchasing strategies, establishing distribution channels, creating purchasing networks and developing marketing activities, offering you comprehensive 360-degree support.

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Our Services
International Market Entry

If you think it's hard to enter new markets and stay there permanently, that's exactly what we're here for. Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and potential partners and help you find the most suitable way to make your products and solutions successful.

Channel Strategy

With a good sales strategy, you are much stronger. Our team manages the entire process of creating and managing direct and indirect sales channels with you.

Purchasing Strategy

The right purchasing strategy always wins.

Our team can help you build relationships and improve your purchasing strategies with local and global suppliers.

Go to Market Strategy

With a well thought-out strategy and a clear action plan, success is pre-programmed. Our team supports you in the creation and implementation of a comprehensive go-to-market model so that you can achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

How do we work?

1. Analyzing

We analyze your market, your products and set achievable goals.

2. Strategy

We determine the most accurate strategy.

3. Go To Market

We define your market objectives together to achieve your goals in the light of your strategy.

Our Focus

1. Channel Partner Selection : When selecting distributors, companies should consider their relevance to their target market, business objectives and brand image. It should be ensured that distributors have the necessary experience to present the company's products in the best possible way.

2. Channel Partner Management : Companies must provide adequate training, support, and incentives to their channel partners to ensure they are motivated and equipped to sell the company’s products effectively. Regular communication, performance tracking, and feedback mechanisms should be in place to monitor and improve channel partner performance.

3. Pricing and Promotion : Companies should set attractive prices and promotions for both partners and end customers. The right pricing and promotional strategies can help increase sales and increase customer loyalty. In order to determine the purchasing prices in the most accurate way, the offers should be evaluated in terms of product quality and price index.

4. Supplier Selection : Companies should select the suppliers they buy from according to their company's quality standards. It should report to its suppliers on product performance and ensure product development.

5. Partner Performance Tracking and Reporting: Companies should track and report on the performance of their channel partners, including sales, customer satisfaction, and product adoption. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement and to recognize high-performing channel partners

Zekiye SARI
CEO / Founder

More than +15 years of professional management and leadership experience providing competitive leadership solutions in FMCG market. Commercial leadership roles, including developing and implementing sales and purchasing strategies, building models and training teams in new countries and leading high-level negotiations.


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